Any Day Your Heart Could Break

It’s the unspoken but inherent risk we take by living: Any day your heart could break.

The body’s intricate infrastructure is inevitably infirm. The invisible bonds knitting us together are capable of unraveling. The castles constructed by the work of our hands are as temporary as held breath. Loss or injury to any single part affects the wellbeing of the whole.

Everything beautiful is breakable.



Any day your heart could break

…on some ordinary weeknight, as you empty brown paper bags to unload the groceries. Left simmering too long, your blood can thicken. While you stack silver soup cans, it strains through narrowed passages hardened by everyday erosion. Twisting the faucet to pour a glass of water, your own rerouted flow slows to a trickle. Inside your pipes, relentless pulsing pushes miniscule sediment into a dam. The broad bank between your shoulders swells. Tingling fingers hang heavy at your sides. Your head floats in the thinning air. You’ll clutch your clenched chest, blinking to wipe away tears as your vision blurs and fades.

Any day your heart could break

…shattered by the impact of a high-pitched cell phone ping! alerting you to nonsensical text you’ll read again and again. Someone’s fingertips can crush your unsuspecting brain. Disaster reverberates through invisible wires somewhere above your head, the ones linking life to life. Electric surges sizzle your nerves. Tremors seize the atmosphere in upside-down earthquakes. Aftershocks knock you down. A handful of letters can shift your trajectory, careening you into an unimagined future. One simple message can interrupt the orbit of routine revolutions, upset internal balance, and introduce chaos. One blow can take down the entire system and leave us all in the dark.

Any day your heart could break

… blown by the breath of the wind, washed away by tears from the clouds. Handmade masterpieces shatter in silence. Like a weary spider at sunrise, you’ll mourn the erased evidence of your late-night labor. Connections woven with sparkling threads can collapse in an instant: strung up by starlight only to be weighed down with thick morning dew. Destroyed by distance when stretched too thin. Brushed aside by sleepwalking giants, the delicate remains left sticking to some stranger’s skin. Utterly undone, you will be forced to await the evening to begin the cycle of creation anew.


Any day, reality may shift and leave us stunned.

The breaking unmakes and reshapes us.

Disorientation forces us to regroup. Dawn awakens as night shatters. We take time to let our eyes and our understanding adjust. Waves peak and crumble into stillness. We emerge from below the bubbling foam and gasp, grateful for breath, and start treading water. Shaken by circumstances, our quivering voices falter to reveal vulnerability. We reconnect, bound by love, until we are once again renewed.



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